Hands of Hope Foundation helped me with emergency accommodation when I was no longer able to stay in my family home: I had become homeless. They also helped me with food parcels and meals support. When I was granted a home through Housing SA, Hands of Hope Foundation sourced most of the furniture for my house and delivered it to me.


Hands of Hope Foundation have been providing ongoing support for me and family in a number of different ways. They have provided food parcels, made fresh meals for me, helped me to clean up my home, supported me with care for my children, and even looked after my dog when I was sick.


We met Hands of Hope Foundation when we were homeless. They helped us  with emergency accommodation initially, and then supported us as we looked for more permanent accommodation. They have provided us with food parcels, they have supplied clothes to us, and they sourced all of the supplies and equipment we needed for our new baby. They go above and beyond to provide one on one help to the needy, homeless or less fortunate, no matter what their background

Damon and Elayna

Hands of Hope Foundation has provided food parcels, fresh food, and other support to me over time as the need has arisen. I have also had the opportunity to give back to the Foundation, by donating various items such as clothing and furniture.