Domestic violence is a substantial social issue in Australia.
Recent statistics show the extent of the problem in Australia:

•       3 million women and children have been subjected to domestic violence;
•       8 women per day are hospitalised because of domestic violence;
•       police are called to a domestic violence situation every 2 minutes;
•       650 homes per day are attended by police because of a domestic
violence situation;
•       25% of all women will be subjected to domestic violence; and
•       80% of domestic violence cases involve children who are co-parented.

These statistics do not factor in the likelihood that only 20% of women
will actually report that they are being subjected to domestic violence.
Given these sobering statistics, experts say that not only was 2020 the
‘worst year’ on record for domestic violence, but also that ‘the family
is one of the most violent groups in Australia’.

Homelessness is also a substantial social issue. Recent statistics show
that more than 116,000 people were estimated to be homeless in
Australia, 58% being male and 42% being female. The number of homeless
people in Australia jumped by more 14 per cent in the five years to
2016, according to census data.

A person is considered to be homeless in Australia if they:

• do not have access to safe and secure housing, or if the only housing
they have access to is likely to damage their health;
• are in circumstances which threaten or adversely affect the adequacy,
safety, security, or affordability of their home;
• have no security of tenure.

Hands of Hope Foundation Incorporation is a registered charity and tax
deductible gift recipient that seeks to provide pathways to hope for
vulnerable people who are experiencing life challenging events, such as
domestic violence and/or homelessness.

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