About Us

Hands of Hope Foundation Incorporation is a registered charity and tax deductible gift recipient that was established by a group of people with Christian values and principles, who have a passion for helping survivors of family and domestic violence in our community.

The Foundation seeks to practically help survivors of family and domestic violence, by providing crisis support and emergency relief services. The Foundation also seeks to provide pathways to independence and empowerment for these women and children, through targeted life skills courses and programs.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible” – Christopher Reeve

Hands of Hope Foundation

Meet the Foundations Founders

Hands of Hope Foundation was established in October 2019 by Deb and Gary Martin. “We established the Foundation because we have always had a heart for social justice, and a heart for those in our community who are on ‘the margins’. We have a particular passion to help those who are vulnerable and often forgotten. Ultimately, we have a passion to ‘love others’, and to ‘put others first’.”

The desire to ‘do something’ in the social justice space had been growing in our hearts and minds for several years prior to establishing the Foundation. The final trigger came when we were watching the TV series in 2019 called ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’. In that series, there was the story of a mother with three young children who through circumstances outside of their control had become homeless. This story particularly resonated with us. And this ultimately determined our decision to move forward with establishing Hands of Hope.

Overall, Hands of Hope is driven by our passion for seeing people’s lives transformed, and for seeing family connections strengthened. It’s also driven by the call on our lives, which we think is expressed well by the quote from Desmond Tutu: ‘Hope is a gift to be shared‘.’

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Gary Martin
Gary MartinCo-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Gary is an accountant, church pastor, husband and father of 2 children, who has a heart for people who are vulnerable, marginalised and generally doing it tough. He has been involved with several not for profit organisations, both from a local outreach perspective, as well as an overseas mission perspective. Gary has a passion for seeing people’s lives transformed.
Deb Martin
Deb MartinCo-Founder / Secretary
Deb is a wife and mother of 2 children who has particular expertise with matters of administration and organisation. She has a particular heart for homeless mothers with children and has a passion for seeing family connections being strengthened. Deb also has experience working with an overseas focused not for profit organisation.
Adam Johnson
Adam JohnsonChairperson
Adam Johnson
Brett Thompson
Brett ThompsonTreasurer
Brett is an accountant, husband and father of 2 children, who runs his own accounting practice. He has substantial accounting experience working with not for profit clients. Brett is passionate about helping people who are experiencing difficult life events.
Alfred Brown
Alfred BrownGovernance Coordinator
Alfred’s background is in Mechanical Engineering and Quality Management. He is married with 2 children and 7 grand children and is an active church member. Having served the local community as a volunteer for many years, Alfred has a practical hands-on approach, who enjoys helping people when the need and opportunities arise.