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Hands of Hope Foundation is a registered charity and tax deductible gift recipient that was established by a group of people who have a passion for helping the most vulnerable people in our community.

The Foundation seeks to practically help vulnerable people experiencing life challenging events, by providing crisis support and emergency relief services. The Foundation also seeks to provide pathways to independence and empowerment for vulnerable people, through targeted life skills courses and programs which seek to equip vulnerable people to overcome life challenging events. The key focus of the Foundation is in assisting survivors of domestic violence.

The Foundation’s mission is ‘to provide targeted pathways which equip vulnerable people to transition through life challenging events into a life of independence, empowerment and hope’.

The Foundation’s vision is ‘that Hands of Hope Foundation be known as a leader in the provision of pathways which bring hope into the lives of vulnerable people experiencing life challenging events’.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible” – Christopher Reeve

Hands of Hope Foundation

Message from Gary, Chief Executive Officer

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Gary Martin
Gary MartinCo-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Gary is an accountant, church pastor, husband and father of 2 children, who has a heart for people who are vulnerable, marginalised and generally doing it tough. He has been involved with several not for profit organisations, both from a local outreach perspective, as well as an overseas mission perspective. Gary has a passion for seeing people’s lives transformed.
Deb Martin
Deb MartinCo-Founder / Administrator
Deb is a wife and mother of 2 children who has particular expertise with matters of administration and organisation. She has a particular heart for homeless mothers with children and has a passion for seeing family connections being strengthened. Deb also has experience working with an overseas focused not for profit organisation.
Adam Johnson
Adam JohnsonChairperson
Adam comes from a background of supporting clients with bad credit, in obtaining loans or financial assistance. He is a proud father, a happy husband and an active church member. Adam’s focus is on helping those facing difficult, challenging situations.
Brett Thompson
Brett ThompsonTreasurer
Brett is an accountant, husband and father of 2 children, who runs his own accounting practice. He has substantial accounting experience working with not for profit clients. Brett is passionate about helping people who are experiencing difficult life events.
Annette Latham
Annette LathamMarketing Coordinator
Annette comes from a background in nursing, administration and hospital chaplaincy.
She is a wife, mother and grandmother to 7 grandchildren. Annette has a passion for giving emotional and spiritual care and practical support to people facing difficult times.
Jayne Smith
Jayne SmithBoard Member
Jayne is a children’s ministry worker, wife and mother of 3 children who has a heart for seeing children and youth thrive and grow in life. Jayne is practically focussed when it comes to supporting people who are in need of assistance, having a passion for hospitality, and for providing meals and food support.